Monday, August 14, 2006

The Fox

I was on a couple of weeks ago and they were talking about meeting at a new lys in Atlanta. So I decided to go check it out. It is located in Virgina Highlands which is a very quaint and unique area. I called the shop on my way there and the owner was very helpful in giving me directions to get there. I have another lys that I go to that is much closer, but I saw on the website for, that they had spindles and fibers for spinning. There are no other places in Atl. that you can find these things. I had to order my first spindle on Ebay and was not having the best time at getting it to work right. Well when I got there the atmosephere was very comfortable and the people were very nice and helpful. It is not overwhelming like some yarn stores can be. The layout is open and you can walk around comfortable. They have all kinds of yarn and fiber. The yarn is both the commercially spun and handspun yarn. I asked one on the employees about their spindles, which they have a nice selection, and she took one off the shelf and grabbed some fiber and started spindling. I had never seen it done in person and was in awe. This encouraged me that I could do this someday! Then she preceded to hand it to me and said you draft and I will spin the spindle. Needles to say she had a sure sale of a spindle. I bought The Fox which is made by Greensleeves Spindles. It is beautiful! I will add pictures. I went back this weekend to show Judy my spun singles and she showed me how to ply them using the Andean knot and my spindle. Now I have plyed yarn. Wow I just feel so accomplished.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I hope to learn spinning one day. It's always nice to have a comfy LYS.

yarnhippie said...

Spinning, isn't it wonderful; I just recently learned and I am having a ball, I even made my first spindle over the weekend and then I tested it, it works; I will post photos as soon as I get my crazy computer working again, I think it had a nervous breakdown.

I am still trying to work out why inserting photos were giving me such a problem and as soon as I know I will let you know what/why happened.

Thanks for commenting on my hat, I really enjoyed making it and it was so easy and once washed it felt wonderful.
Wait until you start ordering roving and corriedale, you are going to be hooked on spinning just like me. Have fun!