Friday, October 06, 2006

Well, in case you were wondering what kind of personality I have. This survey seems to be pretty accurate. You should try it. It is always interesting to see what you get from answering a few questions about yourself.

My Personality

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Now for the Knitting Update:

I am in the home stretch on the Prairie Tunic. I am finishing the right triangel on the front and hope to be finished this weekend. Pics to come soon. I have stopped working on my hat projects to finish up the tunic. I will start working on them this weekend.

Spinning Update:

When last I spoke I had spun some carmel color and cream color fiber. I have plyed the two together and they look very good together. It is about worsted weight thick and thin. Plying Method: Andean plying bracelet. Spun on Greensleeves Hound Spindle. I will take pictures soon.

Blackberry color fiber- worsted weight, thick and thin. 2ply using andean plying bracelet.

Black Blue-Faced Leicester- Hand-painted fiber bought from Knitch(LYS) has splotches of green, red, orange, neon green and other colors. Has a tweedy look when spun. I spun it lace weight with the newest addition to my spindle collection. Lady Barbara (Greensleeves Spindles). I am keeping it as a single. Project plans: shawl????