Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Diamond Eyelet Baby Blanket

The diamond eyelet baby blanket is complete. This is my first medium sized project that I did not use a pattern to create. I found the stitch pattern on Lion Brand's website and did a seed stitch for the boarders of the blanket. The diamond eyelet stitch pattern was very easy to memorize and was not boring. I enjoyed working on this blanket and love how it turned out. When my brother asked me to do a blanket for him, I asked him if he was sure. I have not really been into doing blankets or afghans. They seem like they take so long and that they would be boring to do. But with a simple but not boring stitch pattern it was not bad at all. I spoke to my brother today and he said that the lady he was giving it to was very happy with it. I made it with Bernet Softee acrylic yarn. This yarn was very soft and I enjoyed working with it. A lot of the other yarns seem so scratchy to me since I have experienced more natural fibers. But I do like this one and Carons.


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